Gold Platinum Total Protection Plan


This complete worry free total protection plan is a $75.00 monthly cost and includes all of the benefits listed with our Silver plan but also provides additional protection with all necessary parts and labor covered at no charge, provided that all monthly payments are current and up to date.

Note: Sgt. Paul Heat & Air must inspect and approve existing HVAC system prior to enrolling in their Gold Platinum total protection worry free plan.

As part of this Gold Platinum plan, customer must sign 5 year agreement, if existing system needs replacement, Sgt. Paul Heat and Air will replace and install new HVAC system and will charge only 1/2 price for this complete new unit with tax being included.

Terms of service agreement:Amount listed is per month, first month is paid online, continued payments will be automatically charged to customers debit or credit card  provided to Sgt. Paul Heat and  Air Company. All recurring payments must be kept up to date to receive discounts and Sgt. Paul  Heat and  Air reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time.